24 January 2011

Warning For Free Wordpress Theme Searchers

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Siobhan has a very good and informative article pointing to the dangers of downloading free Wordpress themes from unreliable sources. I thought of tweeting her warning at first but considering the very few followers I had, decided to publish here.

08 January 2011

2 Million Reasons from the Master

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If there is only one person that I would really like to be, it is definitely Stephen Fry. Being the Lord of Dance, Prince of Swimwear and blogger among many things, he is a wizard of words; written and spoken.

29 December 2010

Marx Reloaded

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Medea Film will release a cultural documentary titled "Marx Reloaded" in 2011. Directed by Jason Barker and Alexandra Weltz, the 52 minute movie is trying to make sense of the recent global crisis by revisiting the ideas of the German philosopher Karl Marx. From the trailer:

26 December 2010

How About a Face-lift?

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New year, new hopes and a new look! This is my first trial of a single column template which are traditionally used by photo-bloggers. This time, however, I did not follow the easy route of downloading an XML file and using it.

15 November 2010

When Google Fails to Search

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It all started when I decided to write a new blog. As I had done it many times before, setup, widgets and plug-ins of my choice and a suitable template swiftly took their places. Additional code was minimal for Blogger now does many things natively.